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Individually made borosilicate glass marbles. 

Contemporary borosilicate glass art marble Gravity well by artist Travis Weber

Conundrum style marble

Travis Weber started working with glass in 1997 and has been making contemporary art glass marbles since 2005. Trav’s goal is to create new and different styles of glass designs. Usually capturing the design in a marble form.

Borosilicate art marbles are made using a glassblowing torch. Clear & color rods are used mixing and layering the glass to achieve different patterns and style. Also pure gold and pure silver metal are fumed onto the glass to create a variety of colors. This process of fuming is done in the torch by introducing the metals to the flame by using a glass rod. The metals will stick to a hot glass rods and then putting the metal in the flame allowing it to “fume” off onto the piece of glass being made. A technique originally used by Bob Snodgrass.